Model 3/Y Dash Extension Wrap

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NOTE: This wrap kit is ONLY for vehicles with the dashboard extending to the doors. Click below to view the dash wrap product:

Model 3/Y Dash Wrap - Click Here

When configuring for a Model 3/Y, the dash can only come in either wood or white. This wrap allows you to have total freedom to customize your Model 3/Y dash. Whether you want your dash to look like carbon fiber, white, or any color that you desire, you can do so by utilizing this wrap kit!

To ensure that you can successfully install this kit, each order comes with 2x Model 3/Y dash extension wraps.

 Product Details:

  • Made with high quality 3M/Avery Dennsion material
  • Each order comes with 2x dash extension wraps to ensure a successful installation
  • Fits all Model 3/Y

Included in the Package: 

  • 2x Driver Side Dash Extension Wraps
  • 2x Passenger Side Dash Extension Wraps
  • 2x Cleaning Wipes, 1x Squeegee, Installation Guide