Model 3 Front Lip Applique Wrap

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Make your Model 3 look more sporty with this front lip applique wrap! 

The Model 3 is made to be as simplistic as possible. This front lip applique wrap is designed to make the Model 3 look more sporty without changing the natural appearance of the Model 3. This wrap pairs really well with white or red Model 3 colors. The color contrast will really make your Model 3 stand out from the crowd!

To make the installation easier, the applique wrap is cut into 2 separate pieces. Each order comes with 2x of each pieces to ensure a successful install. 

Inside the Package:
       - 2x Left Side Front Lip Applique Wrap
       - 2x Right Side Front Lip Applique Wrap

    You Will Need (Not Provided):
           - Car Wash Soap
           - Microfiber Cloth