A Simple Elegant Touch

If a customer asks us what is the easiest way to make their Tesla more special, we would refer them to the steering wheel wrap.

This product really enhances the interior in ways that you would not have imagined otherwise!

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Transform Your Interior

A simple center console touchup will transform your interior.

If you give this wrap a chance, be prepare to get blown away!

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Tesla Dash Wrap

Next Level Interior!

If you're looking for a complete makeover, you definitely cannot overlook the dash wrap!

Impress your cats and dogs with our center console and dash wrap products! 🐈☮️🐕

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Wowza! Those Wheels!

Did you know the aero wheel covers increase your range by up to 7%? That's around 21 additional whopping miles!

Dress up your wheel covers in sporty black or stormtrooper white before you go out on a date!

Now, that's how you get bonus points from your date for the effort!

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Trunk Bumper Guard Protector

Whether it's a relationship or a car, the first scratch is always the deepest.

Unfortunately, this area is the easiest to get permanent scratches as you move items in and out of your trunk.

This product is specifically created to prevent such catastrophe!

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Customer Feedback

Thanks for creating an affordable modification that doesn't use a lot of resources and waste functional wheel covers.

[Model Y Aero Wheel Wrap] - John

My Model Y was delivered less than a month ago and the inside trunk plastic bump area already has many scratches. The [Trunk Bumper Guard Protector] is awesome and definitely a must have for all Tesla owners!


I am a multi-time customer purchasing nearly all of your Tesla Model 3 products.  I have found your kits to be well designed with high quality 3M products, and helpful instructions.


Outstanding products, high quality and super quick shipping.


The matrix black dash wrap I got for my Model 3 is great. I really like the look and love how it got rid of the white dash glare in the mirror.